Jay started his work career in sales for MCI Sprint and AT&T starting from a telemarketing rep in 1983 to a national account manager in 1994. Although he was successful he could not make the kind of money he wanted to live the way he wanted so in 1994 he decided to start Teleteria and worked day and night to create something from nothing. Jay had never owned a computer before starting Teleteria and had no idea how they worked which is true for most people. He bought 2 used computers and a server to host the sites that he made and started offering adult custom turn key sites to all of his phone sex clients. The concept worked perfectly. Clients started buying multiple sites and making great profits.

Since 1994 Teleteria has dozens of excellent designers and employees serving clients worldwide. They use only the finest content found on the net updated monthly, the most powerful servers connected to the net in a multiple Tier 3 no fault environment and the finest marketing support found anywhere.

Jay Servidio has been written up on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, the front page of The NY Press, and magazines. He has appeared on tv and radio numerous times and speaks at trade shows all over the world.


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